Gears 5, Dandara and Resident Evil Between Games with February Gold – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Sony Playstation 5 :

Xbox announced today what will be the free games that members subscribed to Live Gold can get in February and keep forever in your libraries Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. This month the traditional list of four has been expanded with one more game, so that in total there will be five titles that can be obtained for free by subscribing either to the online gaming service or to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes the latter.

The February Gold Games are as follows:

Five great games for Xbox

Gears 5 is the latest installment in this popular coverage shooter franchise, a game that has just been completely redesigned to take advantage of the Xbox Series X / S benefits. We will know the story of Kait Diaz in an adventure to discover what unites him to the enemy side.

resident Evil be available free to Xbox Live Gold users in a remastered version that helps us get back into this first installment that laid the foundations of a genre that has not only remained in force until today in its own saga, but has also inspired many games of the horror genre throughout these years.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition is an independent video game in which we explore the world of Salt thanks to a graceful movement and jump system between platforms in two dimensions. This pixel art metroidvania invites us to lose ourselves in beautiful settings while listening to its wonderful soundtrack.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb reminds us that the best known explorer of all time is still in fashion; With the announcement of your new video game, it is a more than ideal time to revisit this interactive story fighting once again against the Nazis who will try to keep one of humanity’s most powerful artifacts.

Lost planet 2 is the sequel to that cult title that took us to an icy planet to force us to fight against the most terrifying science fiction monsters. This installment includes multiplayer for up to four players, character and weapon customization, and vehicle driving.

Xbox Live Gold goes up in price

In addition to the new Games with Gold, Xbox announced today that its online gaming service will see its price increased from now on. The company explains that it tends to periodically review the cost of its services and that now it is Xbox Live Gold’s turn after a decade in which the price of its subscription has not changed. This increase will not affect those who have already contracted several months of the program, although it will begin to apply the next time they renew.

Regarding the upload, Xbox talks about that the month of Live Gold will cost $ 10.99 (a dollar more than before), the three months will cost $ 29.99 (five dollars more than before) and the six-month subscription is worth $ 59.99. This change will have its equivalence in other international markets, such as Spanish.

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