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The Facepunch Studios game is experiencing a rebound and even its creators are surprised.


Since 2021 began, one of the video games of which more talk in Spain and in the Spanish-speaking community it is Rust. The game of Facepunch Studios has always had a good number of players, but now it is living a new life, thanks to the fact that the main streamers of our country are playing in Egoland, a server where they are enjoying all together.

Thanks to this, and the Twitch broadcasts of this series, the interest for the game has grown exponentially in recent days and it is being a success on Amazon’s streaming platform. It was to be expected that this rebound in popularity would also be reflected in sales and income for the study, and indeed it has been, as shared on Twitter Garry newman, founder of Facepunch.

“We won more than 1 million dollars on Steam at two days [diferentes] this week “, Newman has communicated in a message accompanied by an emoticon that reflects your surprise. In the graph that is attached to the tweet, we see how the game has generated more or less $ 800,000 on average in the last days. These figures are fantastic for the studio, which looks like it will be releasing the game on console sooner than we think.

Without a doubt, that streamers have decided to bet on the video game has been a huge profit for Facepunch Studios, which has even included a sweatshirt from Auronplay in the video game. If you do not know the game, you can recall our analysis. And if you want to venture out to play, you can take a look at our survival guide for beginners.

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