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miHoYo has announced Xiao, the new character that will arrive with patch 1.3 on February 3.

Lovers RPG they had a pleasant surprise in 2020 with the new video game that myHoYo, Chinese studio, launched on the market. Genshin Impact, free to play available in mobile devices, PS4, PS5 and Pc, has been a great success for the company, which continues to update the title periodically. The next big patch, which will introduce the version 1.3, the February 3rd.

Now, miHoYo has shared a new video in which we can see more of “All that Glitters“(All that glitters), update 1.3. In it, we can see the first playable character that will arrive with the patch, Xiao. This new addition dominates the element Anemo (wind). With a special attack, Xiao will lose life, but his attacks will turn into elementals and make much more damage.

New events at Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

As usual, the new content will bring with it new events. miHoYo has announced the Lantern Rite (In Spanish it will be similar to Ritual de la Lanterns), an event that can be accessed after completing Xiao’s mission. The new minor events of 1.3 will give access to different rewards for players, including objects and items to make rolls in the gacha section.

Xiao, the new playable character of 1.3, masters the Anemo elementThere will also be a new event that will include a minigame as a game of Tower defense, which can be played multiplayer. In addition, another of the minor events will focus on take pictures for the game to certain elements, to try to complete a series of missions that will appear after giving us a camera an NPC. We can throw 10 photos per day.

Also, as commented, iOS will finally receive controller support (no Android news) and these are the ones that will be fully compatible: Xbox controller, Xbox Elite Series 2 and PS4 controller. You can now prepare for the new portion of content that will arrive soon. We also recently learned that miHoYo will make adjustments to the use of the resin from version 1.3.

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