George Russell’s tears after painful loss at Sakhir: “I am totally devastated”

George Russell He has done almost everything well in his first, and perhaps only, opportunity as a Mercedes driver, but the tears with which he entered the finish line of the Sakhir GP show how painful it was for him to be defeated in the way that he it was.

Sergio Pérez, at the Sakhir GP

The pilot who arrived for replace Lewis Hamilton for a race (At the moment, he has yet to give negative in the PCR test prior to Abu Dhabi) he managed to beat Valtteri Bottas in free practice, and after staying only 26 thousandths in the classification, he won the game at the start of the Finn, who every time shows less why you deserve a fixed seat at Mercedes.

The team did not live up to expectations, and a rude and unworthy mistake of the great dominators of Formula 1, perhaps out of complacency at the success, he made them lose a double, with Russell as first and Bottas as second. Making the wrong tire clearance among his drivers, in addition to being able to cost them a serious penalty, forced his drivers to push harder than they should on the final stretch, and that’s where Russell showed why he is considered as a potential future world champion.

Fernando Alonso himself has described him as the young man who has surprised him the most. In just four laps he got rid of so many other rivals, Bottas the first, and when he was about to overtake Pérez … puncture. Disheartening is little. The tears and screams of rage they sprouted on the radio, while the team could only apologize. In the end he was eighth, but he knows very little.

Sergio Pérez, on the podium of the Sakhir GP

“Shattered. Absolutely Shattered. It just wasn’t meant to be tonight, but I’m proud of the work we did there. We will have our chance again. congratulations to Sergio Perez. Nobody deserves a victory more than him, “he summarized on twitter, although he said much more without words with the image of defeat: lying on the ground, with my eyes closed and my hands on my face, trying to digest what had happened to him.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss has promised that it will not be his last chance. “This is only the beginning of a fairy tale that did not work today and I would say that a new star has been born,” said the head of the German team, who is in full negotiations for renew Hamilton at Mercedes … although he may not need it.

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