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Georgina Rodríguez makes some revelations On her bed! | Instagram

The wife of the celebrity with the highest number of followers on Instagram in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, shared an image where he revealed some secrets of his bed, Georgina Rodriguez he couldn’t wait to say it.

Despite the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 253 million followers on Instagram, his beautiful wife Georgina Rodriguez also known as Georgina Gio has only 23 million, although it is a considerably high amount next to that of her husband it is quite small, however we doubt that she needs much of your help to become followers, surely with her beauty she will Enough.

It has been precisely her beautiful figure and angelic face that has fallen in love with millions, in addition to being the image of important brands, in their social networks they tend to show their best poses.

Although there is not much information about her career, little is enough for her new fans to adore her, in the comment box of each publication they share the pleasure of seeing her, and the emotion they feel that such a beautiful woman is the wife of one of the best soccer players, who according to his fans is the best in the world.

In the post you made Georgina Rodriguez On December 3, 2020, she revealed something about her bed that many found to be something extremely flirtatious, coupled with that the image helped a lot, because despite being lying down her expression was as daring as possible, there is no doubt that it is All a professional model and who also has a lot of experience with poses for photographs.

Today is confession: my day begins when I lie in my bed HOGO (@hogo_system). Resting as if sleeping in the clouds is the secret that allows me to carry my rhythm of life. From day one, I noticed the difference and, after sleeping in it for a while, I don’t change it for anything! « , The model wrote.

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To date, the image has added more than one million 600 thousand red hearts and as for the comments these amount to more than five thousand, it seems that they are normal amounts among the publications of the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina Rodríguez made a nice gesture and detail for her followers, because in the description of her Photo He wrote two descriptions, the first in English and the second in Spanish his native language, this is a great detail for his fans who do not speak Spanish.

Last november Georgina gio had the opportunity to participate in the premiere of « Mask Singer » Spanish version of Who is the Mask? Here in Mexico, although unfortunately she was the first to exit the program, she left researchers extremely shocked after revealing who she was, in Spain she is one of the biggest influencers on social networks.

This was the first time that she appeared on television as a contestant, of course she had already had interviews and was invited, despite the fact that her participation was very short, she managed to become much more famous than she already had, perhaps this was the guideline for start a career in television, it is possible since anything can happen you don’t think so.

Currently it could be said that the beautiful Spanish-Argentine model lives in a fairy tale, this because she has a most beautiful family and a husband who is sure not only she adores but millions and millions of people around the world, so that wherever they arrive immediately they are welcomed with much love.

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