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The residents of the Tres Forques neighborhood in Valencia can’t take it anymore. They report being fed up and living in fear of how a neighbor behaves. The block in which Georgina lives has asked television for help and a team from ‘Cuatro a día’ traveled there on Wednesday, January 13, making it clear that the situation is untenable. The reporter spoke with the neighbors of this woman, of whom they assure and demonstrate with photographs that He threatens them, that he puts thumbtacks, that he has slammed the patio door, puts ashes and cockroaches in the mailboxes, makes bonfires in the portal and a host of other things.

Goergina, in ‘Four a day’

« In the state it is in, any day it is going to do a lot, » says one of the neighbors, while another tells a specific event: « M tore off the glasses and slammed them against the front door. He wanted to hit me with a bag of bottles and since he weighed he couldn’t « . While Manu Lajarín, the reporter, does his job, shouts of Georgina in which she exclaims « Disgusting! Pigs! »And as he says, it is about « a lady who is not well » and emphasizes that « not all the neighbors are against one person but against a situation to which no institution provides solutions. »

« Set fire to the mailboxes »

One of the neighbors admits to the camera that she has had a confrontation with her minutes before and has had to take a Diazepan. But they can’t seem to do anything else at the moment. They have all come together to ask for help from social assistance and to the town hall and that the police go to the building 4 or 5 times a day. « We are up to the ovaries. Here we do not sleep neither day nor night. They cannot do anything until a misfortune occurs, but it will happen, because it is setting fire to the mailboxes, » admits one of them. In addition, the neighbor who is talking with the reporter points to a point and He tells him that « that’s poop. He shitted two days in a row in the elevator ».

Finally, the reporter shows a small piece of the encounter he has had with her, who tells of being the usufruct of the apartment owned by her son. « They (the neighbors) say that I have bipolar disorder. I have a doctorate in psychology from the University of Hamburg »Georgina comments as soon as she opens the door, who agrees to answer questions on camera. « The screams? I’m from Malaga and there we talk like that, » he explains, while worrying about the reporter’s condition, warning him that be careful because « they have put oil and pins ». Furthermore, he flatly denies that he threatens his neighbors, saying that this is « an insult and slander » and that they are all « in league with the police. »

‘The Ana Rosa program’ joins the case

To continue knowing more details about this case, ‘The Ana Rosa program’ has also traveled to this Valencian building and they have been able to speak calmly with Georgina so that she can tell her version of all the events. The first thing she wanted to make clear is that « here there are 28 floors and they send 6 because only the owners send. I am also the owner, but as It is in the name of my son they have found out, because the administrator has told them comics that are professional secret « .

Ana Rosa Quintana and Georgina, in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’

The Telecinco magazine has learned many more details, such as that she lives alone and that she does not dare to leave her house because of what the neighbors can do to her: « They have to bring me food and I have already run out of food, because I don’t dare to go out, « he tells the camera, acknowledging that » social services pay me up to the stairway expenses that I have to pay them.  » In addition, all this is told without letting go of her psychologist’s card that proves that the title she is showing off actually exists.

In addition, she is annoyed with how Ana Rosa Quintana pronounces her name. « And continue with Georgina (pronounced ‘Yioryina’), my name is Georgina. Name of Malaga. We started badly. My mother from Malaga, my grandmother from Euskadi, as she is now called, a descendant of Juan Sebastian el Cano, my grandfather from Seville, a descendant of Juan de Rivera. Find out a little bit! « , He suddenly told the presenter.

« They don’t come out of the ‘bitch’, ‘whore’, ‘old’ and ‘crazy’ »

However, she also seems to be fed up with her neighbors: « The elevator day and night raca, raca, raca, raca; the door pla, pla, pla, pla; the doorbell raca, raca, raca, raca; the insults every time What happened: bitch, whore, old and crazy (…) Here they do not come out of the four words: bitch, whore, old and crazy. And indistinctly combined « Whore bitch! », « Crazy old woman! » … It’s what they give me. You tell me if it is true that I am a whore, a bitch, an old woman … Well, an old woman, I don’t care that that’s what my son calls me, « he says at the end.

Ana Rosa Quintana tried to make Georgina see that « If there are six people who say one thing and another who says another, maybe … ». However, she could not finish saying the sentence, as she was interrupted by the neighbor: « Another alone, no. Ask the other 22 who cannot testify because there are many immigrants here and we already know how the papers are. » The presenter no longer knew how to get out of the way, and tried to calm things down saying: « Let’s see if there is peace in that community », something that did not sit well with Georgina: « No, no, there will be no peace here. No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! »he yelled, raising his fist.

He has had 10 attacks because it is political

Georgina, in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’

Georgina continued with her claim: « They enter and leave here at all hours, nor do they respect the curfew. Now they have prevented me from locking the door and since they are left open, everyone enters here, » she laments and adds immediately: « I am threatened with death, I have already had 10 attacks because I am a politician. I’m not going to tell you which game because I’m not on TV. But I am a candidate in the European Parliament, look for it in the BOE, since 1999. I speak English, German, French, Italian I understand, valencià si fa lack. « However, and after trying to show that she is a prepared woman, she regrets the following: « I call 112 and they tell me I’m crazy and if I call 091 they won’t even catch me. I have been blocked because I am annoying. « 

Your NGO: « Now we go out with the money? »

« I have been working as a volunteer in Asylum and Refuge for 30 years, » Georgina began to tell during the interview. « They apply the immigration law. Then of course, I have had men living in my house. Of course, asylum and refugee applicants so that they are not deported. So I’m a whore that I have a brothel. And so we go with the interpretations. If I shout four times, I am crazy « , she relates to give examples of what she has to » endure « in her neighborhood.

Now she is upset because due to restrictions she cannot travel to Dakar, where she has an NGO. « I want to leave as soon as possible, but the Civil Guard won’t let me leave. » Given this news, Ana Rosa Quintana wanted to know with what money said organization supports: « If you do not have invoices, how is an NGO going to support itself? » « Now we go out with the money? Is it going to get me with my finances? Well, with donations. I ask for donations from specific friends, « Georgina responded annoyed.

Spectators remember the neighbors of ‘Callejeros’

Las Vecinas de Valencia have already become television history since ‘Callejeros’ discovered them. Thousands of spectators know the case and even the phrases that Isabel and Vicenta say are repeated daily. For this reason, there are many viewers who when seeing Georgina’s case have found quite a few similarities between both disputes, since they are about women, disputes in a building located in Valencia and with threats, insults and feces in between.

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