Get all the details about the new challenge battles

Xenoblades Chronicles 3 continues to show more news: the video game, available on Nintendo Switch since 2022, continues to share details.

Its DLC 3 is already available for players who have purchased it, with the new heroine, Masha, and some new content of the challenge mode.

According to Nintendo, The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass includes four volumes in total, which will be released in stages until the end of 2023.

It can be purchased at the Nintendo eShop.

In addition, roguelike elements were added in which users recruit different heroes, unlock special abilities, and get new outfits for their characters.

The Perfectly Nintendo Portal notes that the battles in Archsage’s Gauntlets have a Life Nopoclock, official English name to be confirmed. If this time runs out, the user will be penalized during the next battle, and will have to fight at a disadvantage.

Therefore, it is important that you buy a special item to recharge the gauge.

The story of Xenoblade Chronicles

The Xenoblade Chronicles saga, developed by Monolith Soft and distributed by Nintendo, began in 2010 for the Wii, while its first portable version, under the title Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, came out in April 2015 for the New Nintendo 3DS. .

Its plot deals with the conflict between two legendary titans, Bionis and Mechonis, who were frozen and turned into planets. While humans live on Bionis, machines do on Mechonis.

Shulk, the protagonist of the game, leads his adventure to help humanity in the coming conflict.

The second part of the saga, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, appeared in December 2017. Now the protagonists are Rex, Pyra, Mythra, Azurda and other companions, setting the game in the fictional land of Alrest, specifically in the Sea of ​​Clouds.

In the third part, available from 2022, the narrative represents each of the futures of the worlds seen in the previous installments.