Get it right with these gifts for motor enthusiasts

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

Christmas 2020 is going to be special. For now, being able to celebrate them will be a challenge to fate, which has bitter and cold parties written for us because of the coronavirus. It is very likely that, with head and coherence, we can get together with the beings we love the most, in small groups and reducing the risk of contagion to the maximum. That, and that the Black friday, makes this article more necessary than ever. The Santa Claus, invisible friends, Magi and dozens will have to fulfill their mission, bringing the most anticipated gifts to young and not so small. Things get complicated over the years and discovering wishes becomes an obstacle course. Luckily, if any of your family members is a lover of cars and the motor world, we can help you. In this gallery we will show you the more interesting options to give to motor enthusiasts, whether children or adults, of all kinds of prices.

Scale models are always a possibility but there is much more to a vehicle launch. Firms try to create a brand, connect potential buyers, and that opens up an almost unattainable range of offerings. The driving experiences will allow the most petrolheads (sick of gasoline) to drive the car of their dreams. Time always tastes little, like everything good. If what your lucky (or lucky) is looking for is improve behind the wheel, without putting your car at risk, you can enroll him in a driving course. Brands carry out these types of days constantly and, when the coronavirus stops being news, they will return stronger than ever.

For the little ones there are also options, of course. There are racing video games, always on a closed circuit, with which you will hit the spot if they have the right console. If you no longer know which game to buy, opt for more realistic controllers like steering wheel simulator. If the passionate is a little one who barely lifts a few feet off the ground, Citroën has made things easy for us with its line of products for children. Come on, the alternatives exist and today we will try to summarize them so that you do not fail this Christmas.