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The Gigaset 2.0 camera launches a new generation of smart cameras for home surveillance. It is discreet, compact, inexpensive, works in the dark, can be integrated with other Gigaset Smart Home products and can be kept in operation 24 hours a day.

Home security needs are increasing and the Gigaset 2.0 is a good choice for indoor surveillance. The camera record live motion pictures in FHD quality, transmitting the encrypted information (WPA / WPA2 / TKIP / AES) by streaming to a mobile phone, with data transmission between peers for automatic connection.

Gigaset camera

It has technology from infrared for night vision at a distance of up to six meters and can also record sound with integrated two-way audio technology that enables added communication functions (Walkie-talkie). It has sensors for motion detection with push or email notification and in case of alarm it starts automatically.

Videos are automatically recorded in FHD or HD formats when the alarm sounds, as well as manually, and can be viewed from the Gigaset Smart Home app, available for Android or iOS. Mobile devices can play the HD live stream from the camera with real-time sound. In addition, various memory expansions in the cloud allow you to save and download videos for up to 30 days.

Gigaset 2.0 camera

The camera can be mounted on walls, ceilings or on shelves or cabinets using the included magnetic holder. All you need is a power outlet and a Wi-Fi n wireless connection of at least 2 Mbytes that any home has.

Gigaset 2.0 camera

It can be used separately or as a complement to a Gigaset alarm system. If the user already has Gigaset Smart Home sensors connected to their doors, windows or rooms, the camera will establish an active connection with them and full integration with the free Gigaset elements application.

Gigaset promises privacy, a point of great interest in this type of device. If you are at home, permanent surveillance is neither necessary nor desired. For this reason, the camera has a privacy mode that, when activated, prevents live broadcasts or recordings. In addition, the Gigaset cloud server complies with data security standards so that any content is kept private.

Gigaset presents new smart home camera 33

The Gigaset 2.0 camera is on sale in the Gigaset online store and in the retail channel with a price of 159 euros.

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