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▲ The Jalisco believes that athletes should show solidarity with the world crisis Photo taken from her Instagram

April del Rio

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, p. a12

It would be totally understandable if the Olympic Games were to be canceled, because the health of the world comes first and with that it is not played, maintains the cyclist Anet Barrera, who is in the possibility of qualifying for Tokyo 2020 in the road test.

The goals continue, if (the Olympics) are delayed a little more, they give us more preparation time, but with the same sights. However, seeing how the world is, for my part, being one of the candidates to fight the ticket, I think that if they are canceled, it would not be my surprise, because world health comes first, the Jalisco rider stressed.

Putting it in the balance and also respecting all voices, companies that have lost their capital, especially people who are scared, athletes have to be in solidarity, because they are human lives and it is our health too.

As a pharmaceutical chemistry student, Anet believes that the vaccination process will take a long time, as viruses mutate, evolve, and just like us, they prepare and when they feel attacked they prepare again. It is something very complicated that we must take seriously the entire population, he noted.

Although she knows that she can qualify for Tokyo, due to her age and level, the 22-year-old Jalisco rider and flaming national champion, is from now on much better projected towards Paris 2024. “My sport form would be much better in Paris, because I would already be a cyclist more mature muscularly and with more international experience.

And well, right now I am studying, so I think that also from here to Paris I would already be a 100 percent positioned cyclist. I would feel much more prepared, she insisted, adding that like other cyclists, personally I am not at my 100 percent, I keep looking for it; you are always learning and working to be better. But yes, I am ready for when the qualifiers come, she said in reference to the competitions that are not yet scheduled to be measured against four other cyclists for the only place for the route that the country already has assigned.

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