Gloria Camila, caught taking the dog without a mask

José Ortega Cano’s daughter, Gloria Camila, walked her dog near her home when a reporter approached him with questions about the alleged infidelities of her ex-boyfriend, Kiko Jiménez, to discover something else more striking.

And it is that the television collaborator and now actress I walked the animal without the mask on, as required by law.

During about 5 minutes the Europa Press journalist chases Gloria Camila Asking her about her ex, her current boyfriend or the relationship between her father and Ana María Aldón, on which rumors hang that she is not at her best.

The young woman struggles to keep her huge dog in check while avoiding the reporter, hardly answering the battery of questions what does it do.

Gloria Camila Ortega.

At all times is notable that the young woman is not wearing the mask, which is also not seen hanging from their neck, chin, hand or elbow, where they are usually placed when they are lowered on time.

Gloria Camila was one of the most prominent signings in the Dos Vidas series, which is being recorded for La 1. In addition, has several open fronts when it comes to the world of the heart, as the alleged infidelity that her ex-boyfriend would have had towards her with Isa Pantoja has come to light.

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