Gohan from the future in Beast mode appears in this brutal FanArt

Gohan is the most powerful warrior in Dragon Ball. Is it debatable? Of course, but this is a statement by Akira Toriyama, creator of the best-known manga and anime in the world.

The little interest (compared to Goku and Vegeta) of the young Saiyan for martial arts, is what relegates him on the scales of fighting levels. However, when he proposes and when he gets angry, he shows how far he is capable of going.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero taught us Gohan Beast, so far the most powerful transformation of Kakaroto’s eldest son. His level is on par with Goku’s and Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, respectively.

In order to measure it we would like to see it in a battle where everyone is together. And for that to happen we will have to wait a while. The current arcs of Dragon Ball (manga) are developing the events of the movie. Therefore, there is still a lot of history to go.

From recent events, many will have raised a question: What would have happened if Gohan became Beast during the events of the Androids, in the apocalyptic future in which only Trunks is still alive?

Surely he would have finished off Number 17 and Number 18 without much effort. We can’t see it in canon stories, but it can be enjoyed through fan art, that is, in Fan Arts.

The portal 3D Games rescues an illustration made by the designer @Hsuan_Diamond (81.5 thousand followers on Instagram). The drawing shows Gohan, after the battle in which he lost his left arm, achieving the transformation of the Beast.

The character’s outfit, similar to his father’s, the scar on his face and the white hair resulting from the aura of this transformation are represented in the design in which Gohan appears in a fighting action.