Goku, is that you? These Nike sneakers are the most extravagant you’ll see in 2023

At first glance, it’s human hair that shows through these sneakers. And, due to the shape of the “hairstyle”, it is Goku’s in live-action. But no, these curious Nike shoes have nothing to do with dragonball.

Canyaon, a 22-year-old Russian designer, returns to work on a project of his own using Nike products, artistic and individual, with no ties to the swoosh company. This has to be the most outlandish thing to look in 2023: the Nike M2K Tekno Hairstyle.

According to Hypebeast review, Canyaon was inspired by designers like Nicole McLaughlin, an expert in using recycled items. But in the case of the Hairstyle, they are strands of thread that resemble hair.

The wavy soles of the sneakers remain intact, but the upper part, very disturbing, uses the strands of yarn combed up. They are called “freedom tips”.

At the moment they are just a concept, and it is unknown if he will sell them. But his style does not stop generating curiosity.

Meet Canyaon, the father of the Nike M2K Tekno Hairstyle shoe

The young Russian designer Canyaon has 117 thousand followers on his Instagram account, where he has launched 51 publications with shoes and gloves from Nike, Reebok and Wilson, among other companies.

His post with the Nike M2K Tekno Hairstyle exceeded 7 thousand likes.

Canyaon also has a TikTok account, where he shows how he styles his sneakers, as well as featuring the Tekno Hairstyle. The latter exceeds one million views on the social network.

Many compared the sneaker hair style to Lil Uzi Vert’s hairstyle in Rolling Loud. However, for us as Dragon Ball fans, the first thing we think of is Goku’s hair.

What do you think about this sneaker concept? Do you think that if they are launched they will be successful in the market? Let us know your comments on our social networks.