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Growing up in the 90’s was sure to be a great time for video game and anime lovers. And we must say it: a lot of that fun we owe to great minds in Japan who gave us, for example, the story of Dragon ball on television and action The king of Fighters on consoles.

Now, can you imagine that those two universes would have shared the stage? Of course, it would have been something epic … In fact, as far-fetched as it sounds today, was about to be a reality. This was recently revealed by a SNK developer, the company that created the iconic fighting game.

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‘Dragon Ball’, ‘The King of Fighters’ and 90s nostalgia

Every respectable ‘little machine’ player knows that it was almost a tradition to deal a few good shots in The king of Fighters with the mightyo Rugal, Iori, Terry Bogard and more incredible characters from the franchise. And although they are no longer in their heyday, suddenly out there we find a classic arcade machine equipped with this game or others like Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Capcom vs SNK and more titles that defined the fighting video game genre between the 90s and 2000s.

Almost in the same amount of time, Dragon ball (either the first installment, Z, GT) became one of the most popular animated series in the world. Without fear of being wrong, Goku He is one of our favorite Japanese protagonists – and if he isn’t in your case, at least you know him by name. Fighting and martial arts were the substantial part of the world created by Akira Toriyama and SNK’s flagship video game… And both universes almost came together at some point in history.

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Goku was going to enter the ‘KOF’

Toyohisa Tanabe, designer and art supervisor at SNK, joined a recent interview for Polygon alongside other developers who were involved in the video game saga of Capcom vs SNK. Both Tanabe and her colleagues unraveled a ton of incredible anecdotes about how fighting games came to be in the 90s, but she shocked everyone with a statement that it had to do with the history of Dragon Ball.

Two years before delivering the first crossover of the aforementioned saga, the people of SNK worked on The King of Fighters ’98 . In their attempt to make it attractive enough to compete in the market, the developers intended to include Ryu and Ken (of Capcom Street Fighter) as a kind of characters invited to the title.

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“I have a secret to tell you, and I don’t know if this is something I really should be saying… Two years before it came out. Capcom vs. SNK, we did The King of Fighters ’98 , and actually, we had a bit of time after finishing development … The team ended up building the game with Ryu and Ken in it …“, He said in the first instance.

However, the creators of the franchise KOF They didn’t just want to bring Capcom’s two main fighters into their video game. The idea was that Goku also had a special appearance and that was how it was, only that version of the later was not approved.; it was only in a demo.

“We did this on development hardware, so of course it was never on a physical cartridge… but it wasn’t just Ryu and Ken that we ended up playing with. We also include Dragon Ball characters, such as Son Goku“Tanabe finished off. Can you imagine how epic it would have been?

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