Gold is her color, Alexa Dellanos shines like a goddess

The gorgeous American model, Alexa Dellanos, has once again been in charge of confirming why many users consider her the goddess of Instagram models, using a gold-colored swimsuit to ensure her position as one of the favorites.

That’s right, Alexa Dellanos showed that the Golden colour It is her color modeling that swimsuit in an excellent way that highlighted her charms and her pretty face in a publication that drove her loyal followers crazy.

The figure of Alexa is enviable and she has had great results with the exercise and diets that she does so much making many sacrifices to be as curvy as possible and above all healthy.

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The beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos, famous Telemundo presenter, was in charge of showing the world that she is an excellent model but that not everything is external but also that we must have gratitude for the things we have and remember all the times that we ask God for things today we have showing that he is also a very spiritual person.

The photograph placed on his official Instagram profile has more than 75 thousand likes and has managed to become an excellent piece of entertainment that has been shared by users so that their friends can also enjoy the beautiful images that he gave us.

Possibly all this gratitude that Alexa Dellanos feels today is thanks to the fact that since the world situation began she has been very concerned about her mother’s health since she never stopped working but fortunately she has not been infected, something she has done Very happy to the model who was too worried about her so much that she even abandoned her social networks a bit at the time.


However, to this day she remains in contact with her loyal fans who were supporting her with messages of encouragement, but above all with their interactions, which allow the young woman to continue dedicating herself to what she likes to model so much in front of her. camera enjoy your dreams as an influencer and model.

Dellanos I was also remembering that a year ago was the terrible loss of Kobe Bryant so he made a publication about his stories where he always seeks to bring us a little closer to his personal life.

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He also published a video in which we can appreciate that he is practicing his skills as a DJ, something that he has practiced since he was in high school and that has become part of his day to day since I had the need to stay at his house and have a hobby within it.

It is that normally Alexa really enjoyed going out for a walk, however at this time having to be inside the house had to release her new Pioneer brand helmets, which she received just a few days ago and with which she is mixing music and enjoying it .

He also showed us a little of his Luis Vuitton items which he surely also received as a gift and that he is possibly collaborating with them.

Finally, it should be mentioned that like many other models, Alexa Dellanos shares a lot about the Zodiac, a very interesting topic that helps her to centralize her ideas and motivate herself on a daily basis.

We recommend you keep an eye on Show News so as not to miss any of the news about the beautiful girl, but especially her beautiful photographs with which you will surely have an excellent time.

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