Goldman Sachs causes solar-linked stocks to crash

It is not to throw your hands at your head since Solaria until yesterday has not only made a spectacular start to the year of 30%, but also has to add 57% from December or a 457% since March from last year.

Therefore, seeing that he is now dropping 11% nor is it to run away although it is understandable that investors just entered the value are leaving in panic mode.

The target price you have set Goldman sachs of 25.5 euros is slightly above the prices that were reached in 2007 when historical highs were set, so the return to that area to be tested is something that is most likely from a technical point of view .

Evolution of Solaria shares

Evolution of Solaria shares

Eduardo Bolinches

But Solaria is not aloneWe are also seeing 11% corrections in SolarPack and 5.6% in the recently landed Soltec continuous market.

In all cases it’s too early to tell if today is the start of a more severe correction or not. Really, this will depend on how far we end up closing today’s session from the session lows.

But we can think, that after several hours since the opening of the market, that all those investors, especially the recently landed ones, who have wanted to get out of the stock have already done so and therefore let’s not go further in today’s session.

However, the investor who has significant capital gains is not willing to leave them on the road so they will be attentive to the closing of today. It will depend on your latent capital gain the one that determines if they will be willing to hold up to 24.3 euros where their maximums of the year 2007 are or will they want to leave before.

However, it is also true that the money that is willing to take advantage of this price drop they will wait at least until the last hour of today in case an acceleration of sales begins in search of 25.5 euros.

So we have to be attentive to the closing of today that has the key.

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