Gomez Palacio. Car runs over and kills young man on Miguel Aleman boulevard – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

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Gómez Palacio, Durango. / 21.02.2021 10:31:15

A A 25-year-old man died instantly when he was hit by a vehicle when he tried to cross the boulevard Miguel Alemán de Gómez Palacio, while the person in charge accelerated and fled in an unknown direction.

The accident that ended in tragedy occurred on Sunday at 05:23 hours this Sunday on the lane heading from Lerdo to Torreón, 150 meters away before reaching the J. Agustín Castro road in Ciudad Jardín.

Agents of the Municipal Public Security Directorate arrived at the place where they located the affected person on the pavement, so They immediately requested the support of Red Cross paramedics, who arrived a few minutes later and upon reviewing him confirmed that he had already died., appreciating with the naked eye serious bruises in different parts of the body.

A minor under 16 years of age, who claimed to be a companion of the deceased, He mentioned that they were walking through the sector and when crossing said boulevard at the height of the self-service store, a red and white van that was traveling with excess speed hit the young man head-on, projecting him several meters away on the pavement.

The place was cordoned off by members of the Municipal and State Police, while Experts from the Department of Expert Services and the Investigating Agent of the Public Ministry of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office of La Laguna de Durango, carried out the procedure to remove the body and transfer to the morgue where the forensic doctor performed the legal necropsy.

Among the belongings of the unfortunate, they located documents that proved his identification and who responded to the name of Juan Francisco Medina Hernández, residing in the city of Gómez Palacio, Durango.

Traffic and Highway Agents prepared the accident report and turned the case over to the Public Ministry agent, where the investigation folder is integrated for the possible identification and location of the responsible driver.


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