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In the last few days we have talked to you a lot about Rust and it is that the Facepunch title is enjoying a second wind that led to viral success. This is not only reflected in his success on Twitch, but we can also see it in his sales.

What happens is that Rust ended the week as the game that generated the most revenue from sales on Steam during the last 7 days. According to data from Valve’s platform, at the top, the survival title surpassed Cyberpunk 2077, Sea of ​​Thieves and even Among Us in recent income.

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Recall that Rust has increased in popularity in recent weeks thanks to its success on Twitch. This has boosted their daily player numbers and also caused more gamers to join in the fun. Taking advantage of this, Facepunch decided to offer it at a discount for a limited time so that more people can play it. Everything explains why it is in first place.

Rust Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation: Broken Flag Cyberpunk 2077 Phasmophobia Raft Sea of ​​Thieves Among Us Stardew Valley The Forest Baldur’s Gate

Rust is also a hit with concurrent players

We mentioned earlier that Rust is doing well on metrics such as daily concurrent users, but what do we mean by this? First of all, in recent days it has managed to beat its record of concurrent users on several occasions.

There is also the fact that at various times it has positioned itself as the third game with the most concurrent Steam users. It has only been surpassed by Counter-Stirke: Global Offensive and Dota 2, titles that are free-to-play.

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And to you, what did you think of this news? Do you think Rust spends much longer as the top-grossing title on Steam? Tell us in the comments.

Rust is available for PC and is expected to hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can find out more about this survival game by clicking here.

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