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We are working as usual and need to save our file, but we get the message “The changes I made may not be saved” Why is this error occurring? How can we find the solution to Google Docs not saving changes automatically?

The error that Google Docs does not save changes automatically can be due to many reasons. From a bad connection, servers crash, little storage space, etc. We are going to see the methods we have to be able to find the solution to this annoying problem as quickly as possible.

Check the status of the Google Drive server

It is quite strange that the Google Drive server fails. However, it has already happened several times and may be the reason why the changes are not saved automatically. Therefore, the first solution is to check if Google Drive is active or not.

For this we will have to use Down Detector. Once you enter the website, look for the option “Google” and if when you open it it says “No problems at Google”, then the Google Drive servers work. In case there is some kind of problem, then we just have to wait.

Google Docs in another browser and verify your save changes automatically

On some occasions the browser may be causing problems. To verify this, we will have to open Google Docs from another browser such as Firefox, Edge or Opera. In case Docs works fine in another browser. So it means that in Chrome it has some kind of problem. It is generally solved by clearing all the cache and even the data.

Check the status of our connection

It may be that the internet continues to work and we have connection problems to save Google Docs documents, especially if the internet is unstable. This can cause the changes to not be saved automatically.

We can check the status of our connection using a web application called Speedtest. In this way we can accurately and quickly check the speed of our connection.

We enter the Speedtest site and we are going to click on “Go” or “Go”. It will take a few seconds to measure our connection. In case of connection problems, you should contact your internet provider.

Check Google Drive storage space

Another problem can occur when the Google Drive storage space is full. In this way, saving new changes in Google Docs documents will be impossible.

Therefore, what we must do is enter our Google Drive account and then go to the left sidebar. We are going to go to the “Storage” section and we can see all the space we are occupying.

We click on “Storage” and we will go to a new page where we can see which files are taking up more space. In order to delete the old files, we will have to right click on them and then select “Delete” to free up space.

We will also have to delete the files that are in the recycle bin in order to make more space on the drive. For this we are simply going to click on “Trash” from the left side menu.

Now we simply repeat the process we did in “Storage”. We right click on the files and select the “Delete” option.

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