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Google recently claimed that STADIA, its streaming service, will receive more than 100 games this year. The company will work so that the platform remains active and offers a greater variety of titles to its users; however, the players are not happy.

This is because Google also announced that it will stop making games for the service, so STADIA will not have the exclusives that were promised in its reveal. On the other hand, the company has been criticized for STADIA’s technical performance and accused of failing to deliver on its promises.

The picture is not looking good for STADIA, because all this together led to a difficult situation for Google. The company is now facing a class action lawsuit due to recent controversies with the service.

Google accused of cheating players with STADIA

According to the details, the class action lawsuit was filed a few months ago in New York, United States. The process began in October 2020, the month in which Google was singled out for exaggerating STADIA’s potential and promising things that it did not deliver.

Thus, the document indicates that Google violated consumer protection laws, as it “made false and misleading claims about the streaming quality of the STADIA service.” This was supposed to generate more revenue for the division in charge of the service.

The lawsuit also mentions companies such as id Software and Bungie, who are questioned about the quality of display and resolution of their games distributed on STADIA. In case you don’t even remember, this topic generated controversy with DOOM Eternal, for example.

As if that were not enough, they point to Google to erase information where it promised high performance in games like Red Dead Redemption 2. In particular, a tweet is mentioned where it was announced that the Rockstar game would run at 4K and 60 fps even if it was not had a high speed internet connection.

Thus, those affected believe that Google misled them with statements that turned out to be false and claim that there are hundreds of articles and reports with evidence in this regard. As of this writing, the company has not commented on this legal dispute.

“Google has done nothing to correct false information about the power and resolution of the games available on STADIA and does not disclose to consumers the resolution of each of the games available for purchase in the STADIA store,” it read. part of the demand.

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In this link you will find more information related to Google’s streaming service and its upcoming titles.


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