Google Messages will stop working on these smartphones – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The instant messaging application will apply security mechanisms on some models of mobile devices.

In 2017, Google began displaying a certification status on some devices in its Google Play store, which went unnoticed for many months.

Then that action made sense when the platform’s services were restricted to Huawei devices. However, it was never so exclusive in some applications.

Now with the Google Messages application, it could regain strength since there is a notice announcing that the tool will stop working on non-certified mobiles, say gsmarena.

Most affected devices

In a simple message, Android notifies through the Google messaging application that « on March 31, Messages will stop working on uncertified mobiles, like this one. »

The message comes out some devices like Huawei that already in the past had Google Services suspended due to their problems with the United States government.

However, this warning that comes out informally that some devices has not been made official by Google who has not commented on the matter.

Google messages is Google’s SMS application, pre-installed in a multitude of Android terminals, whose main characteristics are to be the pioneer in RCS or Chat, that is, the messaging platform of the operators.

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