Google phone implements an automatic call recording feature – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

There are many applications to record the calls we make on our Android phones, but in most cases it is not as easy as installing and clicking the button due to different restrictions. But all this could change when Google Phone releases the update the company is working on, which is not clear that will happen either.

For more information, Google Phone (Google Phone) is one of the official Android applications to make phone calls and the one that the vast majority of Android smartphones provide. Also, Google Phone has long had the option to record phone calls, but it is not activated in many markets due to some of the restrictions that we mentioned and that have to do with data protection laws and other privacy regulations.

Now, at 9to5Google they have discovered that Google Phone is not only capable of recording calls: the Internet giant has gone a step further and has enabled the function of automatically record calls received from unknown numbers, that is, numbers that are not added to the contact list or those that are purposely hidden, for example those of companies and services that use redirects.

But do not be scared: first, because as we have pointed out, the option of yore is not yet available for the vast majority of Android users and to know when it will be, if it ever will be; and second, because when it is, even if it is those calls from unknown numbers, as long as the recording is activated all participants will be alerted in the same that this is going to be recorded.

As for the audio files resulting from the recording of calls through Google Phone, they will be saved in the internal storage of the device, so if there is no available space, the function will not work, worth the redundancy. However, we have already warned that the basic recording function is not yet available to the general public and some of these novelties are things that Google works on, but they do not have to come to light.

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