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Google has received a class action lawsuit over “gross exaggerations” about the quality of its Stadia streaming game service. Specifically, it is addressed to “False and misleading” statements regarding Google Stadia to “increase the division’s revenue,” and insists the company violated consumer protection laws. Indirectly it also affects Bungie and id Software for advertising regarding the quality and resolution in which their games will be displayed on Stadia.

One of the examples that he cites is the deletion by Google of a message on Twitter from 2019 in which it was announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 could be played at 4K and 60 fps even on less powerful computers; later, it was found that the title of Rockstar or Destiny 2 did not reach these figures. “Google understood that it was an intentional deception of the consumer”, something that the media echoed and was able to decide to buy Stadia. “Google has done nothing to correct the false information about the power and resolution of the games available on Stadia and does not reveal to consumers the resolution of each game available for purchase“.

There is also talk of the Stadia version of Doom Eternal, since “the main problem is that the plaintiff understands that Google acted in a disingenuous way by making it believe that with the service ‘all Stadia games’ would work at 4K / 60 fps”.

More than 100 games will arrive this year, but Google developers are closed

Google confirmed that in 2021 we will see more than 100 launches on Stadia, starting with FIFA 21 on March 17, Judgment in April or Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, tomorrow February 23. This good news has been clouded by the closure of its internal studios that aimed to develop exclusive blockbusters for Stadia. “Our goal remains focused on create the best possible platform for players and technology for our partners bringing these experiences to life for people all over the world, “Google said in the statement in which it at least ensures its short-term future.

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