Google wants you to combine all 3,521 emojis to create more than 14,000

Every so often, the Unicode Standard updates a pack of emojis with inclusive representations and with which more and more cultures feel identified. To date, there are 3,521 official emojis. However, this number remains small before a new possibility offered by Google, with its tool Emoji Kitchen.

Google Emoji Kitchen
Some of the possible combinations with Emoji Kitchen and Gboard.

Although in the emojis with individual representations of people, simple, food and thousands of other references, the Emoji Kitchen proposal seeks make combinations of existing emojis to create new results. In this way, it is possible to see the emoji of a globe with a mask, or the famous llama wearing sunglasses.

Let’s play with the “Emoji Kitchen”!

With Emoji Kitchen you could combine two emojis with each other to create nothing more and nothing less than more than 14,000 new emojis. Although the tool had already been known since the beginning of the year, at that time the possibilities were more limited. And it is that, the designers of Google, have created manually each combination, allowing to unite their representations of feelings, fruits and much more.

If curiosity has tempted you, this new feature is only available in the Google keyboard beta, GBoard, which can be obtained by registering an account as a tester, although it is expected to reach all devices soon.

Based on how early users have shared to get a combination on the Google keyboard, You must press two emojis and GBoard will show us the result automatically. But instead of sending an emoji as we usually do, a sticker will be sent.

The sticker format solves the problem that the combinations do not reproduce well on all devices, since, although the emoji kitchen is all part of the emojis, the final result is not part of the Unicode Standard.

Considering the early arrival of this tool What combination do you imagine?

Juanes invites his friends to celebrate Christmas.

“I have been unjustly detained,” he says