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Both Google and many other companies charge 30 percent commissions on all transactions in their marketplaces

However, for many independent developers it seems that it is a limit to competition in the market

This, because it represents a quota that the owners of the space, who are also creators of apps, do not have to suffer

There are already four lawsuits that Google faces from the United States (USA) authorities. The first, in October, accused her of abusing her power in the search market. The second and third, both launched in December, said that the technology company was guilty of inflating the prices of the ads and unfairly positioning its goods and services. Now a fourth legal process, according to ., is targeting its popular Play Store.

On this occasion, however, the papers for this process have not yet been submitted. US attorneys general are expected to officially launch the process in February or March. This time, officials want to judge Google by the way it decides which apps may or may not be within its Android ecosystem. It will also look at how the brand requires developers to use its payment platform, giving it a large percentage of each operation.

The lawsuit would be the result of two specific events. First, criticism from various brands and app developers (including the giant Epic Games) for forcing them to use their payment system and giving them a large commission for each operation. Second, a legal process similar to the one that is being subjected to Apple and its App Store also in the US and the European Union (EU). Google previously said that this year it would increase the severity of breaking these rules.

Zero and go four for the Alphabet subsidiary

Regarding this possible legal action, Google provided a statement to .. In it, the vice president of Android and Google Play, Sameer Samat, has said that the operating system of the brand gives options to developers and consumers. Apps are not only allowed to be installed from various mobile stores. Many devices come with various app stores pre-installed, which allows brands to distribute their software from outside the Play Store.

Related Notes

Even with Google’s reasoning about the Android ecosystem, it was an inevitable move by the US authorities. According to Statista, it is not only the mobile ecosystem of the Alphabet subsidiary that has the most apps worldwide, surpassing Apple by a long way. According to Statcounter, it is also the most widely used operating system on an international scale by a wide margin. Even iOS can’t really come close.

The question is whether the lawsuit against Google will result in a problem for the brand. Do not forget that, according to the BBC, annoying developers have even formed alliances against Apple for the same accusations that the US will make against the Android ecosystem. At the same time, it is true that the operating system is less restrictive and has caused less inconvenience among business partners. In this sense, there are likely to be more subtle consequences.

A complex environment for Google

Over the last few months, there have been some signs that the accusations by the US authorities could have some legal basis. For example, Parler was recently banned from the Google platform for her role in the assault on the Capitol. However, this app has accused that it is being treated differently from other platforms in the Android ecosystem. This is because it indicates that posts on Facebook and Twitter were the same or more harmful.

We must also remember that almost a year ago Google eliminated more than 600 apps from its Play Store. This action was taken as part of their efforts to improve the user experience. Specifically, these platforms were using various types of ads that were already causing problems for the consumer experience. Something that, although positive for the public, could be considered a symptom of an even bigger problem.

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