“Gossip has never seemed respectable to me”

This Tuesday the new season of Come have dinner with me: gourmet edition. This premiered with a batch of contestants formed by Ana María Aldón, María Jesús Ruiz and Jorge Sanz. The first three belong to the same world, that of Mediaset entertainment.

For his part, actor Jorge Sanz made it clear from the beginning that he had no idea who his companions were, and showed a certain disdain for the pink press that ended up verbalizing José Antonio Avilés, host of the night, with darts, like the following: “That’s not press, they don’t give you a Pulitzer for that, what you do is gossip.”

That is just a sample of all the attacks that they launched at each other throughout the night, in front of María Jesús Ruiz and Ana María Aldón who did everything to mediate to liven up the night and alleviate tension.

But his profession was not the only thing attacked by Avilés, as it was also highly questioned -and in this there was consensus- as a cook, obtaining only 10 points with a menu whose common factor was that all their dishes contained almonds.

However, far from giving importance to the kitchen, Sanz continued in his thirteen, attacking the pink press. It happened after Ana María Aldón recalled that, in Survivors, everyone thought that Avilés was a journalist, until when they arrived in Spain they discovered that it was a lie.

“Do you gossip? I’ve never found it respectable. If you do heart press, you don’t do press, that’s not journalism, it is spectacle. They don’t give a Pulitzer to those who make heart, “said Sanz.

For his part, Avilés claimed the informative value of the pink press, assuring that it had been, for example, who had brought to light everything pertinent to the Emeritus, Juan Carlos I. And he went further, saying that all of Spain knew that their interviews had been the best for years, something from which María Jesús Ruiz was unmarked.

He also tried to get the interpreter to respect his work by asking him if he had ever turned to an entertainment format to promote his work. “Not me I just do my thing and they get news from there. Do you know that the ABC of any journalist is to be truthful and contrast? “

Avilés, tired of Sanz giving him lessons on a job he was unaware of, responded with the same coin: “My job is to communicate, transfer information and report. Which one is yours? Actor? Learn roles? Because my name is not You’ve learned it, “he said, referring to the fact that since he entered his house, the actor had called him José Luis. In the video recorded later, without Avilés in front, the actor added that the communicator is “very young” and missing “a boil”.

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