Governing is easy, doing it with intelligence is almost impossible

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According to the state attorney general the more people file their complaint the easier it will be fight crime and end the impunity.

It is logical, and very intelligent too, to use the information from the complaints to get a crime map in the city and determine where to focus limited policing efforts.

It is not very likely that a stolen cell phone can be recovered at a truck stop, in fact it is almost impossible, however if the complaints based on the data collected It will be possible to determine where the thieves are located, in which streets the thieves are located, to threaten and rob ordinary citizens.

It is a very smart measure, excuse me for being repetitive with this, because the data from the very base of the city is used to allocate resources wisely.

Well, what happens with an intelligent prosecutor’s office, it does not happen in the health secretariat where it seems that intelligence was conspicuous by its absence.

If Dr. De la O explained to me that they made a daily report of the 800 people infected locating approximately where they were infected, and that is easy to calculate, it is only necessary to observe the stage of contagion in which the person is, and asking, among other data, where he was that particular day, to prepare active contagion map from the city.

If this were done by system, even with a lag of 24 hours, Dr. De la O would know exactly where, in which street intersection, in which neighborhoods, in which transport, in which shopping center, in which canteen, in which cinema, in which park or corridor route, in which meeting, in which house, in which celebration, in which party room. With all that information, he would have every reason in the world to order that the places where contagions are generated be closed, he would have every reason in the world to ask that transport units be better sanitized, he would have every reason to order us how to act and where.

Unfortunately in the Health Secretary you don’t have the imagination or the intelligence to use information creatively.

Perhaps you don’t have the information, you don’t have a network to retrieve the information, or you don’t have an intelligence center to analyze the information. Neither is there control of the hospitals that care for the infected, nor are the people who are in first contact with an infected person detected.

Perhaps you do not have any of this and then one wonders with what authority, with what knowledge, with what information, dares to determine that supermarkets and formal shops should be closed on weekends, for three weeks?

What intelligence intelligence gives you the certainty to ask us to sacrifice even more the city’s precarious economy?

It seems that he had caught the style of governing of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He came to power believing that it is easy to govern. Believing that governing is about giving orders and that everyone else must obey.

You forget the number one rule of political systems in the free world. The sovereignty of the state resides in the people. The first right of citizens is to rebel against the autocratic state that ignores or tramples on the freedoms of individuals.

Governing is easy, doing it with intelligence is another matter. Governing with intelligence is almost impossible for the new political class that believes that giving orders is governing.

Without an intelligent basis the orders are negligent acts that show the incapacity of the ruler.

What are we going to tell Dr. De la O? It seems that it doesn’t matter what you tell him.

Already the chambers and business associations told him that this measure is not only uneconomic but also very uneven. While it closes the door to formal trade, it leaves all informal trade without any preventive measure, that is, the inequality that is being promoted from the national palace deepens. So it is easy to govern. It looks like a copy of AMLO’s style.

Let’s keep hope. Until next time.

The author is an expert in corporate communication and crisis situations. He has an MBA from ITESM.

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