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Behind the fire in the central offices of the Collective Transport System —Shocked six blocks from Palace of Fine Arts– Alejandra Frausto, Secretary of Culture, announced that with the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, During 2020, the modernization of the medium and low voltage electrical network was carried out in the entire electrical infrastructure of this emblematic property, since it ran the risk of a conflagration, because it had not been given proper maintenance.

“The Palace of Fine Arts had a situation that worried us a lot. Once, since the transition, we toured the palace in its entrails, from the stage down, we realized the problem that had to do with the electrical system. From that moment I spoke with President López Obrador that there was a project that was handed over to us at that time, and which posed an investment of approximately 400 million pesos, analyzed the Federal Electricity Commission and the president told us that it was take care of the project, no matter what it cost, because the palace was a symbol; It is one of the most important infrastructure and it could not be in a vulnerable situation ”.

The official – in the first virtual conference of this year – indicated that of the 400 million pesos raised, only 30 million pesos were invested, which were obtained from the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen, via the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, while the works were carried out by the workers of the Federal Electricity Commission in coordination with INBAL.

Lucina Jiménez, director of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) stated that “it is the first time in the 86-year history of this work, cataloged as artistic heritage and part of the Cultural heritage of Humanity of Mexico City , receives comprehensive care that guarantees a long life « despite the fact that during Felipe Calderón’s administration the Palacio de Bellas Artes was fully restored.

Jiménez specified that the need to carry out a series of profound reforms was envisioned because over the 80 years of the Palacio de Bellas Artes only partial improvements had been undertaken: « In such a way that many technological systems that were actually already out of the norm, so the property was at risk, so in response to the problem we established a practically 24 by 24 security and prevention scheme throughout 2019, to work on prevention and taking care of the operation of the entire infrastructure « .

The work to change the electrical system was carried out during 2020 and now, in January 2021, the final delivery of all the actions carried out during the past year is made: “a survey was made of each and every one of the load centers , identifying 212 boards, resulting as a final figure supply and placement of 90 boards and 3,000 electronic circuits ”.

With these actions undertaken, the official assured, the safety of the facilities, the public, the protected artistic work is guaranteed, the enclosure and the collections that are exhibited in the exhibition halls of the museums.

After these actions, the director of INBAL indicated that will perform the replacement of the acoustic shell because it weighs more than 30 tons and in order to install and remove it when needed, the participation of more than 30 workers is required. This would be used for another venue that requires it permanently.

Among other issues, the Secretary of Culture referred to the people who are providing service in the 3000 modality, and said that it will be from May 30 that the process of formalizing this type of contracts will begin.


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