Gran Canaria: “The opening of our hotels to migrants has changed our lives”

By María Martín (El País)

ATn driving a Mercedes SUV, Calvin Lucock makes his way to one of the four hotels of his company based in Puerto Rico, one of the most touristic areas of southern Gran Canaria. An emergency has arisen: one of his hosts needs help. The time for curfew is near; there is no living soul in the streets and the lights of most hotel complexes, which are otherwise empty, remain off. Alongside Lucock, a stout and serious-looking Englishman, is his wife, Norwegian Unn Tove Saetran, owner of three restaurants, a 51-year-old woman wrapped in a green raincoat whose eyes never stop shining. lately. After parking and even before having time to cross the door, several Malian children are already hanging on their legs, a Moroccan gives them news and a group of Senegalese greet them from their balcony. The couple’s life has now been running backwards for five months.

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