Greece: fire in a refugee camp, a dead child

The causes of the fire were not known in the early evening.

UA fire broke out on Tuesday evening in a refugee camp north of Athens, and a child was found dead, Greek firefighters said.

According to the statement from the firefighters, the child was already not breathing when they arrived at the Thiva camp, 54 kilometers north of the Greek capital.

The police also had to intervene, asylum seekers blocking access to the structure which had caught fire, according to initial information.

The causes of the fire were not known in the early evening.

Three days ago, two apparently accidental fires destroyed two tents without causing any casualties in two migrant camps on the island of Lesbos and in northern Greece.

In winter, when tents in camps seldom have heating, many migrants set up log fires for warmth or use stoves in their tents, which regularly causes accidents.

Human rights NGOs have sounded the alarm in recent days on the deterioration of conditions with the cold in the migrant camps to burn the country.

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