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Antoine Griezmann has more differences than similarities with Leo Messi. The games continue to happen and the Frenchman has proven incapable of throwing the team on his back when the Argentine is not there.

Before Real Sociedad, with the inconvenience of Messi, to Griezmann he had to lead the attack front of the Barcelona. Braithwaite He occupied the place of the Argentine in the offensive trident but it was the French who had to fill all the void that Messi left in production. It is not an easy task. This one usually does a lot and everything well, everything with sense, everything towards an improvement and an approach to the rival area, rarely a pass fails … There are many factors why the Rosario player becomes decisive and hence it is difficult to cover him in the few times he is absent.

Griezmann he was enjoying a new opportunity to redeem himself. It was coming up. His smile, very absent in recent months, was showing again in Los Cármenes. It was not be for lowerly. Two more goals for his account, a double that reinforces each step he takes on the field of play. And it happens to him like all the forwards, who live fully from the goal. Contributing on the pitch, giving assists, getting worn out in the recovery of a ball or helping the ball come out always add up, but nothing counts as much as the goal. Without it, other skills matter less.

But is that before Real Society little was seen of the rest of the aptitudes that are assumed to the French. I had to fulfill the role of Messi, your role in this role. With the Argentine there is some concern, his loss is sensitive as long as he is not on the grass diminishes the group. AND Griezmann I try. The player cannot be denied this, he doesn’t stop trying. He was seen on several occasions go down to the center of the field, which Messi, to start the game and bring the lines closer to the rival area. Is not sufficient.

But in short, if something is standing out Messi in this beginning of the championship it is for the goal. It does not matter how the Argentine is, who always ended up appearing face to door. While it is true that a large part of his goals at the moment were from the penalty spot, you must also have wood with this. In this Leo It does not usually fail, its effectiveness is very high already Griezmann it seems that the goal is dwarfed when he has to shoot.

Penalty to the clouds

While it is true that it provided assistance to De Jong, after a great play and pass from BraithwaiteThen there was nothing fine in the actions in front of goal. He had opportunities, clear shot options that he failed to transform. It was what he said in his day Koeman, that a player of his importance (and without forgetting the 120 million euros paid for him), had to be reliable in the face of the door. The ones you have should go inside.

The French ended up twisting the day in the penalty shootout. Koeman had him among the four players chosen to launch them and Riqui Puig offered for the fifth. Of Jong I would err first and then Pjanic and Dembélé they would transform the second and third. The launch of Griezmann, with 1-2 on the scoreboard, could be decisive. He caught the ball, placed it on the penalty spot and hit it. He bet on giving it strength but the shot was terrible. It went over the crossbar. It had to be Riqui, after deceiving Remiro, the one who certified the pass to the final of the Spanish Super Cup.

Messi’s annoyances, which also cast doubt on his contest in Sunday’s final at La Cartuja, are even more worrying about this. Without the Argentine, the differentiating agent that should be Griezmann does not appear. In fact, Dembélé he was the only one capable of shaking up the game with some of his individualities on the right, serving good balls or testing the hitting and Remiro. Griezmann is not Messi, and without him this new Barça is less Barça.

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