Group immunity from coronavirus will be achieved in the United States much earlier than in Europe

United States is the country most affected by coronavirus in the world, but its group immunity could be closer than expected. A study conducted by the analysis company Airfinity predicts that it could achieve immunity in the second quarter of 2021, while other countries could be late until 2023.

This was detailed by the experts this Wednesday during a press conference of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Producers. Its CEO, Rasmus Bech Hansen, explained this morning that, although the forecasts are not exact, for now they conclude that USA would be the first place of the world to achieve group immunity, followed by Canada, also during second quarter of the next year.

Analysis continues with United Kingdom, which last Tuesday began the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus with Pfizer vaccines. This region could achieve immunity to half from 2021, while the European Union I would do it in the third trimester of the same year. By cons, Australia I would have to wait for endings from 2021.

He then focuses on 2022, which places group immunity in the countries of Latin America during the first trimester. Follow him Japan, which would achieve it at the beginning of second; Y China, who would not get it until the last three months of the year.

The last on the list would be India Y Russia, they will have to wait until 2023 to get to fight the coronavirus. However, he cautions that these conclusions are based on non-absolute interpretations, and that everything It depends of the development of treatments anti-coronavirus and vaccination campaigns of the different countries of the world.

A part of the population distrusts vaccines against the coronavirus

Albert Boula, President and CEO of Pfizer, has also participated in the press conference and has referred to those who still show suspicion of get vaccinated against coronavirus. Make sure this denialism is especially due to buildings politics, which make people confused and guided by non-science interpretations.

Despite acknowledging that he understands the population’s concern for the rapid development of treatments, the president explains that essays have been made following the parameters of previous vaccinations, reaching even higher standards.

In his speech, he endorsed the great work of scientists in the development of the coronavirus vaccine and shows his gratitude to all the people and volunteers who have made it possible.

[[H3:La vacuna de Johnson & Johnson contra el coronavirus]]

Paul Stoffles, Vice President of Johnson & Johnson, was another of those present at the conference. During his speech, he did not hesitate to insist on the security from his treatment against the coronavirus, which would be ready to early 2021.

He has also explained that his company already has contracts acquisition of 10 billion vaccines, in order to ensure a second dose against the coronavirus for everyone and prevent themselves in case it was necessary to be vaccinated more times to achieve immunity.

In the world there are 350 candidate vaccines against the coronavirus

The race for the coronavirus vaccine continues. The UK started its vaccination campaign last Tuesday with the Pfizer treatment, focusing on older people.

However, there are currently 350 candidates to become an effective treatment against coronavirus, 12 of which are in the last phase of clinical trials.

Some of them are known from Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca, but there are also others with ballots against covid-19, such as those from Sanofi, Themis or the Australian from the University of Queensland.

Meanwhile, countries around the world are preparing in their last steps to start the vaccination campaign, a light at the end of the tunnel that could fight the coronavirus.

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