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This could mark a before and after in the franchise. Photo: Rockstar Games | Rockstar games

Reports point to some interesting facts about the new installment of « Grand Theft Auto« , one of the flagship franchises of Rockstar games and that it could possibly start a watershed in the history of the franchise by introducing a female protagonist for the first time in its history, although confirmation is still pending in the development of this new installment.

However, the first reports would indicate that this game is already in full development and that it would be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series x and Yes, with launch attempt to Pc. The reports come from Tom henderson, an industry insider known for his successful release confirmations for « Call of duty« .

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It is not yet clear if the female character will be a completely different one from the male protagonist or if it will be a scenario similar to the saga of « Assassin’s creed« or »Cyberpunk 2077« , in which the player can customize the gender of their character in the game. There are comments from Internet users who continue to Rockstar it could break their tradition and create an additional female character.

It’s important pointing that Henderson has not located any source of information, so this « disclosure » should be taken with extreme caution until Rockstar provides official details about the franchise. Although, by the way, the leaker has in the past proven to have valuable information regarding « Call of duty« .

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If the information is true, it could be subject to change by the same company as it is a game in development phase. So far, the developers of this hypothetical « GTA VI« They have not commented on the matter.

Since its inception (and with the rise of social networks) Rockstar games remains committed to a strict policy in which comments are prevented from leaks or rumors related to its products, answering only pertinent doubts after the official announcement of its launches.

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