Guaidó accuses Zapatero of “accomplice in violation of human rights” in Venezuela as Maduro’s “lawyer”

The Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, has lamented the support offered by former President of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to the parliamentary elections on Sunday in Venezuela and has accused him of being “an accomplice” of the abuses committed by the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Former President of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, in a file photo.

In Guaidó’s opinion, Zapatero has become “lawyer of the dictatorship” and he has defended that “it is not possible to relativize the violation of human rights” as, according to him, both the former Spanish president and the Ecuadorian Rafael Correa, who have acted as international observers of the elections at the invitation of the Government, have done.

With this, they become “accomplices in the violation of human rights,” he stressed. “I don’t understand how they mortgage what was left of their prestige”, has assured the opposition leader, denouncing that there are disappeared in the country and that the opposition has been subjected to persecution and abuse by the Maduro regime, which has been accused of having committed possible crimes against humanity.

In this sense, he has asked those present at the press conference held in Caracas and broadcast live on social networks if they would be photographed with a “child killer” because, he added, “that’s what Maduro is”.

Guaidó has insisted that there were no elections in Venezuela on Sunday and has highlighted the low turnout, a demonstration according to him that the majority of the population is with the opposition and its boycott. According to official data, only 31 percent of registered voters voted.

“Maduro: you are defeated”

“Maduro you are defeated once more, Maduro you are alone once more, your fraud left you alone and the streets are going to be filled with hope “, has assured the opposition leader, calling on citizens to massively support the opposition consultation and to mobilize in the streets.

In this sense, the leader of Popular Will has assured that the opposition is united and mobilized and that it has the support of the international community, which has rejected the elections. “We remain in resistance, in struggle, offering solutions”, he insisted, while “the dictatorship is once again exposed, it weakens.”

“Since the dictatorship,” Guaidó has wielded, “we have been threatened, imprisoned, tortured and murdered and here we are and here we will be until we lead to a free, democratic Venezuela without a dictatorship. “

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