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Juan R. Escudero, Guerrero / 01.17.2021 13:52:25

A line of about 50 community police officers, wearing olive green tactical uniforms, formed along the Chilpancingo-Acapulco federal highway, welcomed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the municipality of Juan R. Escudero.

One of the seven medical schools of the Benito Juárez university system in the state of Guerrero was built on a piece of land in this community.

But upon the arrival of the president to this event, the last of his weekend tour that began on Friday with a visit to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, the community police officers wanted to take the opportunity to make a request:

“We are making a fence waiting for the arrival of the President to ask him to He recognizes that the community police are the ones who provide security in the municipality”, Said Maximino Alejo Prudencio, commander of the Community Police of the United Front for Security and Development of the State of Guerrero, in the municipality of Juan R. Escudero.

« It is very important that he recognize us whyand there are those who think of us as paramilitary groups, when it is not; we are citizens who we had to arm ourselves due to the government’s carelessness that did not give us adequate security and then we had the need to take up arms to take care of ourselves ”, he explained.

« We only brought a part of the police, » he said, as he explained that his security body is made up of more than 300 people who monitor the municipality in coordination with the municipal police, who do not exceed 30.

« We are in coordination with the state, municipal and (…) with the federal government, all of a sudden, but we want legal recognition, so we are no longer outside the law, » insisted the commander minutes before the federal president arrived in his convoy of Suburban trucks.

“We have been quiet for the 8 years that we have been in existence here; Here there is no crime, we have everything under control, no floor charges, extortion, We are fine, for that reason, I think, the President of the Republic set this place for the medical school to be installed, ”said the police chief.

“The CRAC (Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities) is recognized and we are recognized, but not very well by the federal government and we want to demonstrate for that, so that they know that in the municipality of Juan R. Escudero there is community police ”He added.

When the president arrived, he did not roll down the window of his truck, but his logistics team received several written demands from the crowd of people that, in addition to the community police, and regardless of the pandemic that forces us not to generate riots, they were jostling for the President’s visit.

Among them were the children of the Los Coloraditos basketball team, which despite having several championships among their community, nor they have their own court to play.

« The Coloraditos basketball club supports our president AMLO and let the mornings continue, » read one of their banners.


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