guide on price, consumption, stain and cleaning

Renewing the oven and other household appliances can become a complicated task since, today, there are many brands, models and factors to look at when choosing one or the other.

These shakes will help us cope with the high summer temperatures.

For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users has prepared a guide that shows the different factors that must be taken into account when deciding on a specific model of oven, among which are the model, the cleaning system and, of course, the price.

Which oven is better?

To answer the question, the first thing to know is that the characteristics of household appliances must be adapted to the needs of each user and the use that is going to be given.

In this way, it is convenient to look at several characteristics or factors that may help to choose one or the other model. These are some of them:

  1. The price: not necessarily the most expensive models are the best.
  2. The quality and stability of temperatures: the oven must maintain a constant temperature and distribute the heat evenly. Many combine traditional and forced convection heat transfer. Some also have a grill function, which allows food to be toasted.
  3. Consumption: It is important when choosing a model, since it is useless to buy a cheap one if, later, its use is going to significantly increase the electricity bill.
  4. Handling and cleaning: There are models that include a catalytic self-cleaning system, which have rough surface panels that break down grease and dirt into carbon dioxide and water. On the other hand, pyrolytic ovens, with a more advanced cleaning system, are more comfortable, but more expensive.
  5. Safety: The vast majority of manufacturers comply with safety regulations regarding the outside temperature, but some models present a potential risk of burns if the door or glass is touched while in operation.

Multifunction ovens

Special mention requires the multifunction ovens, which can become a very good option for most users who are thinking of buying a new oven, since it allows to have a high-end appliance and, in turn, simplify home furnishing.

In almost all cases these are products with many functions and they usually have options of cooking programs and even steam function, although they usually have a higher price.

Among its advantages are that it is a two-in-one appliance, since it is an oven and a microwave, which saves space in the kitchen. It also allows you to prepare recipes quickly and they are usually very complete.

Among the disadvantages is their price, since they are more expensive. Its average price exceeds 600 euros and, the most expensive, exceed 1,500 euros. The cheapest have a price of about 400 euros. It is also a disadvantage that you cannot use the microwave while using the oven and that they are not so easy to use, precisely because of their many functions.

To consult different models, prices and features, you can access the OCU oven comparator.

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