Guillermo del Toro and “Pinocchio” win the Oscar for Best Animated Film

Pinocchio successfully closed its participation in the awards season, taking the statuette for Best Animated Film in the edition 95th Oscar Awards, which take place this Sunday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. The Mexican filmmaker added his third Oscar in his career.

The award was given just after the ceremony began, since it was the first of 23 categories announced and it was the award itself. Guillermo del Toro who took the stage to thank him for his recognition from the Film Academy, along with Mark Gustafson.

The Rock and Emily Blunt were in charge of delivering the golden figure.

“Animation is not a genre is ready to go to the next level, please help us get animation into the conversation. I want to dedicate it to the love of my life, my wife, my children and my parents who are no longer here but I love them,” del Toro said.

The tape that many pointed out deserved more than one nomination, received the applause of those present.

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Pinocchio has become one of the projects that has taken del Toro the longest, and of which he feels most proud, not only for being animation, but for showing its dark and bright sides with the new adaptation.

Mexican entertainers cheer from Guadalajara

Some stop motion animators who worked on the movie Pinocchio met in a restaurant in Guadalajara, to follow the Oscars broadcast and show their support for Guillermo del Toro from a distance.

“I remind you that this film (Pinocchio) has a very important piece that belongs to Guadalajara and talent from Guadalajara, to the human resources that we have had for decades, especially from Taller del Chucho,” he said in a past interview with Guillermo del Toro.