Guillermo del Toro will make a re-release of Titanes del Pacífico in 3D

Guillermo del Toro will do a revival of Titanes del Pacífico. This is due to the fact that a new anniversary of the film will be celebrated soon. This was announced by the Mexican director through his Twitter account.

titans of the pacific rerunThis is a new way to enjoy Titans of the Pacific.

It all started when the official account of the Collider portal shared the link to an article where it is argued that the kaijus adventure from Guadalajara is one of his most underrated works. It was then when, true to his habit of keeping his networks and ties with the audience active, the creative retweeted the post, adding the following message in the header:

“For its anniversary, I plan to host a weekend of 3D and IMAX screenings – if you haven’t seen it like this, you haven’t seen it at all!”

The reactions were evidently swift, with fans of the 2013 film expressing their excitement at revisiting it in a wide format and in all its glory. Although it was not specifically said on what date such a projection would be made, there is already a lot of expectation about it.

It is curious that this initiative has been taken, especially because, next year, it will be barely 8 years since the film was released and, generally, anniversaries are celebrated every 5 or 10. Or will we have to wait until 2023?

In addition to the revival of Titans of the Pacific, a series is being prepared for Netflix. Here are all the details.

guillermo del toro titans of the pacific

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