Guillermo Lasso, the political phoenix who soared with Tik Tok videos


Updated Monday, April 12, 2021 – 20:10

His strategy in the Asian fashion network will lead the former Minister of Economy to the presidency, which he already caressed on two occasions

Ecuador’s president-elect, Guillermo Lasso, on Sunday APEcuador Conservative Guillermo Lasso’s historic comeback and hit him back in the elections in Ecuador Latin America Elections in Ecuador and Peru: between uncertainty and pandemic

“Hello, Tik Tok. Lasso president.” Like an Ecuadorian phoenix, Guillermo Lasso, 65, has achieved a victory that seemed impossible after two previous failed attempts. Few times in the political history of the continent has such a metamorphosis been experienced.

The leader of the CREO movement seemed different, rejuvenated, daring in his messages, seductive in the social network of videos so fashionable among young people. As if it were a Latinized version of Joe Biden, a man of consensus to get the country out of a historical crisis caused by the pandemic and by the corresmo.

In February, the successful ex-banker narrowly missed a second round. Luca defeated, old, weighed down by the limp caused by medical malpractice after an accident on the Camino de Santiago. Politically pigeonholed on the ideological right, without openness to different social groups and limited by his religious ideas, close to Opus Dei.

Stigmatized by his past as a banker and as Minister of Economy before dollarization, also convinced that he had failed to convey his vision of the country and of life, including his humble origins as the youngest of 11 siblings in a Guayaquil family.

Until the political miracle was worked, by the hand of a multidisciplinary team that radically transformed image, speech and proposal. An almost perfect campaign under the motto of the reunion that would not have worked without his own conviction: “I cannot impose my beliefs.”

The doubts that still remained disappeared during the debate with Andrs Arauz, in which he was not only superior, but also where a meme, #AndrsNoMtillasOtraVez, that still persecutes his rival today.

Hunting for the young vote on Tik Tok

In such a scenario, Lasso has moved with the agility that he does not have thanks to the genius of Crudo Ecuador, a 2.0 gur collective.

Dressed in shoes and a red jacket, with a crutch on his right arm and to the beat of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, the old banker’s new look has reached 338,000 hearts (likes) and 4.5 million views on Tik Tok, stage transcendental in the Ecuadorian ballot.

In that way I managed to reach the young people in a country where their vote is final: 60% of voters are between the ages of 16 and 29. Some young people who were betting on a change after 14 years of corresmo governments, a window of opportunity that Lasso managed to open wide until he took him to the presidency.

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