Half of the most popular torrent sites are blocked in Spain – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

In case we did not have enough with all the compilations with the best of 2020, 2021 has just started and it is already having its own, as was the 10 most popular torrent sites of 2021, although the truth is that the year takes a little Deception, worth the rhyme, because what was taken into account to make this list is the popularity sustained throughout 2020 by those sites.

The list was made by the specialized portal TorrentFreak and we offered it to you as is, seasoned with some notes for more information and with a very significant link to a second selection of “legal Torrent sites”. That’s right: apparently, there are legal torrent sites and… illegal? Allegations? The matter is not very clear, really. What is clear is that the exact half of this ‘top ten’ is blocked, literally, by “the competent authority.”

This is the message that the user who tries to access five of the ten most popular torrent sites of 2021 from Spain will come across, as long as he does so without using advanced methods to hide where he navigates from his operator:

Content blocked by requirement of the Competent Authority, communicated to this Operator

In fact, the most likely thing is that depending on the site, what the user who is trying to access is encountering is the message that “the connection is not private”, since despite using connection encryption (HTTPS) , this is not verified by any official entity. However, the result is the same, because that lack of verification -which does not translate into a security risk, only in the possibility that there is one- is precisely a lockout warning.

torrent sites

Well, of the 10 most popular torrent sites of 2021, five are blocked at least in Spain, although it is quite likely that they are also in many other countries: The Pirate Bay (1st), (2nd), 337x (3rd), LimeTorrents (7th) and Zooqle (10th) are the damned and the question is obvious: why are these blocked and the others not? But we don’t have an answer to give you, except that perhaps their time has not yet come.

All in all, it is still curious that some of the most popular torrent sites in the world are blocked for many people. How do they maintain the pull, despite this? Because it is very easy, for example, to download Opera and activate the VPN it incorporates, or to use Tor directly and bypass the restrictions imposed by the operators at the request of “the competent authority”. At the end of the day, you only enter there to navigate and get a link, so the loss of speed does not matter too much.

While we’re here, it’s also very easy to download the free, cross-platform, open source client qBitTorrent, which includes a search engine with search engines for virtually all blocked torrent sites, and do it all from there. Just saying…

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