Handball World Cup: Spain progresses with better lyrics

Ángel Fernández, in an action of the match against Tunisia.Ángel Fernández, in an action of the match against Tunisia.KHALED ELFIQI / .

Spain continues to climb in the World Cup. It does not dazzle, but it improves. They beat Tunisia in their third match in the tournament (36-30) and noted improvements in the game. After the initial draw against Brazil and the anguish against Poland, the team closed the first phase with a more comfortable performance. They go to the second round with three points and there they will face Germany on Thursday (2 points), Uruguay (0) on Saturday and Hungary (4) next Monday. The group is completed by Poland (2) and Brazil (1). Of these six teams, two will reach the quarterfinals.

The best prop to rise in a championship of this size is the goal and Jordi Ribera has a solvent partner. Again Pérez de Vargas returned to leave a very convincing performance, with 18 interventions and a 37% success rate. Against Brazil he already accumulated 17 stretches and 38%. In the African team, which was only worth victory, two guns awaited them, Darmoul and Sanai, authors of almost half of the goals of their team to date, but only suffered the first (eight goals) because the second was it was barely three. In a team that has arguments but goes with the right thing when facing a European champion, in that way the duel with the Hispanics began to escape.

In the Spanish attack, the one who broke the marks was Ángel Fernández, who billed ten goals in 13 shots. While Pérez de Vargas closed the gate behind, the Cantabrian winger soon began to set the pace on the other side of the court, with seven goals until half-time and only one miss. In this task he found the effective collaboration of a rookie, the pivot Rubén Marchán, who scored five targets without failure in the first half and provided the hit from the six meters that he missed in the previous duels. In a tournament so abrasive due to the number and concentration of matches, unit b is essential.

The party was always in Spanish hands. The break was 17-14 and, on the way back from the locker room, the first demarraje took place: 22-17 in the 38th minute with another hole, of course, by Ángel Fernández. Tunisia still had an answer, which came up with a 25-23, but there was no reply to Spain’s second acceleration (32-25 in the 51st minute). This time there was no blackout and, for the first time since the World Cup began, Jordi Ribera’s team enjoyed a few quiet minutes waiting for higher peaks to climb.

Spain, 36 – Tunisia, 30

Spain: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas and Rodrigo Corrales in goal; Jorge Maqueda (2), Ángel Fernández (10), Raúl Entrerríos (2), Álex Dujshebaev (3), Daniel Sarmiento, Ferrán Solé (2), Adrià Figueras (3), Joan Cañellas, Viran Morros (1), Aleix Gómez (2), Aitor Ariño, Gedeón Guardiola (2), Rubén Marchán (5), Daniel Dujshebaev (4).

Tunisia: Ramzi Majdoub, Rami Fekih, Marouen Maggaiz, Khaled Haj, Mosbah Sanai (3), Yousef Maaref (3), Issam Rzig (3), Mohamed Soussi, Ghassem Toumi (5), Islem Jbeli, Jihed Jaballah (5), Mohamed to. Darmoul (8), Skander Zaied (2), Mehdi S. Harbaqui, Anouar Ben (1), Achraf Margheli.

Partials every five minutes: 3: 3, 6: 6, 8: 8, 11:10, 13:11, 17:14, 19:16, 23:19, 28:23, 30:25, 34:27 and 36:30.

Referees: Hansen and Madsen. Two minutes to Morros (2), A. Dujshebaev, Ariño, Maqueda, Zaied, Jaballah and Soussi.

New Capital Sports Hall, Cairo

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