HBO Max advances the premiere of episode 5 of The Last of Us

If you are still processing what happened in the fourth episode of The Last of Us, the wait until the next installment will be shorter than usual. It is that chapter 5 of the series will have an early premiere on HBO Max and HBO On Demand, as announced in the last few hours.

The fifth episode of The Last of Us will arrive on both platforms next Friday, February 10 at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern time); that is to say, in the Spanish dawn of Saturday. In any case, on Sunday, February 12, it will be broadcast normally —and at its usual time— through the HBO television signal.

The novelty was confirmed through a brief statement Published by Warner Media. No further details have been provided regarding the reason for the determination, but it is clear that the change responds to the desire that the premiere not be overshadowed by Super Bowl LVII, which will be played next Sunday.

The Last of Us is the premiere of the year and you can only see it on HBO Max

While The Last of Us has been enjoying rave reviews and huge viewership numbers since its release, no one wants to directly confront one of the most watched sporting events on the planet. The game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will kick off at 6:30 p.m. ET and will attract all eyes, both in the United States and around the world.

The Last of Us changes its release schedule, thanks to the Super Bowl

The Last of Us

To make it clear that the advancement of the premiere of the fifth episode of The Last of Us on HBO Max and HBO On Demand is due to an extraordinary issue, it has been reported that the rest of the series will respect its original schedule. This means that, from the sixth episode onwards, it will return to the simultaneous premiere of every Sunday on streaming and TV.

The fifth episode of The Last of Us will be released under the title Endure and Survive and will be directed by Jeremy Webb, who also made the fourth installment that was released in the last few hours. It will be interesting to see if the two-day preview of the next episode’s premiere manages to capture even more public attention; or if the television broadcast on Sunday manages to maintain interest despite the Super Bowl.

For now, the series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is enjoying a phenomenal reception. In recent days, Craig Mazin, one of its showrunners, acknowledged that they want to do more than two seasons. Especially due to the need to cover a lot of territory when making The Last of Us Part II adaptation.

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But beyond the decision to extend it over time, Mazin himself has acknowledged that he does not see it as an endless product. This is not the kind of show that will have seven seasons, or six. I just don’t believe in milking it. […] The series is not designed to go on and on,” he said in an interview. HBO has already confirmed that The Last of Us will have a second season, although details about it are still scarce.