HBO Max’s ‘The Last of Us’ will show the story of Ellie’s mother

The adaptation of The Last of Us to the small screen is not satisfied with copying what we already knew about the game. In addition, it searches for its own identity by delving into stories that Naughty Dog did not have the opportunity to tell in any of its iterations. For this reason, the series will introduce us to Anna, Ellie’s mother, who was the protagonist of a canceled DLC from the company.

Following the release of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog explored the possibility of delving into Ellie’s story as they already did with the Left Behind DLC. On this occasion, they would focus on the story of Anna, her mother. It was thought to make an animated short to tell it, but in the end it did not work out. Later, Neil Druckmann thought about taking it to DLC, although this did not bear fruit either. This was confirmed to the medium Variety.

After telling the story of Anna to Craig Mazin, co-creator of the series, he was clearly excited about the possibility of making it a reality in the television adaptation. Thus, although the players were not able to explore Anna’s story in The Last of Us video game, we will be able to take a look at it in the adaptation. “We want to bring her to life in the most beautiful and poetic way, with Ashley Johnson playing Anna,” Druckmann concluded.

The Last of Us is the premiere of the year and you can only see it on HBO Max

If you want to see what Ellie’s mother looks like in The Last of Us series for HBO, check out the trailer. Near the end, the face of Ashley Suzanne Johnson appears, the actress who gave life to Ellie in the original games, and who now returns to the adaptation to close the circle as the mother of an Ellie played by Bella Ramsey.

The one who appears very late in the season is Ellie’s mother. She had written a short story when we had already released the game. It was supposed to be an animated short, but it didn’t work out, then we were about to turn it into DLC, but the idea didn’t materialize either,” said the creative.

Neil Druckmann to Variety

HBO brings more video game actors to its adaptation of The Last of Us

Ashley Jonson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel) during motion capture from The Last of UsAshley Jonson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel) during motion capture from The Last of Us

But in addition to Anna, we could also see the original Joel in HBO Max’s The Last of Us. Actor Troy Baker, who played Joel in the original game, also has a role in the series, though it’s currently unknown what role he might play.

Of course, if there is something that cannot be denied, it is that HBO has done its homework with this adaptation. For the first time in history we are facing a successful adaptation of a video game, and at the same time well received by critics and fans. Now, the inclusion of ideas that were discarded from the title, but whose script has been written for years, can only enrich a story that we already thought we knew.

When can we see Anna or Joel’s actor in the series? Neil Druckmann has not revealed it. It’s likely to be later in the story though, so stay tuned for his stream.

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The Last of Us is becoming more and more popular, managing to break a record that seemed insurmountable. However, according to actress Bella Ramsey, the second season is still not confirmed. We can only wait and see if HBO decides to renew this bet that has gone so well.