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“He exploded with sadness”, that’s how Christian Nodal lived birthday | Instagram

The regional music singer, Christian Nodal celebrated his 22nd birthday on Monday, January 12, however, in the midst of a great celebration and various speculations, the artist lived a deep mourning.

Network users launched several comments congratulating the regional singer on his birthday through the popular “fan page” that recalls moments of the couple made up of the two figures, Nodal and Belinda.

However, amid the festivities, rumors about the artist’s attitude did not leave the moment, as they questioned whether things between the couple “were okay.”

It was recently, the mother of the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“who shared the sad reasons that the Nodal family is going through in recent days.

The publication of Christy Nodal, made it clear that the singer’s celebration was in full “lut0” after losing a loved one.

Last night my heart exploded with sadness, the little connection thread that I had here on earth with my grandmother Mela left! My dear Benny left, who more than my uncle was always my Chipilón.

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The singer’s mother was devastated at the moment that darkened the birthday of her eldest son, Christian Nodal and dedicated some emotional words to one of the most beloved members of her family.

I thank heaven for putting you in our family, thank you for loving us so much! We also did it with all our hearts and our respect, I am sure that we made you very happy as you did us! Thank you so much my dear Benny, it was part of the message that Christy delivered in her publication.

It was last Monday when on the Twitter account, the Sonoran gave clues of his feelings at that moment, in which he would celebrate his anniversary on a day in which there was also a lot of sadness in his family.

How difficult it is to celebrate life after so much mu3rt3.

It was just one night before the birthday of the author of “Tell me how you want“When they faced the loss of their uncle, Benicio Jiménez Madrid, someone very close to the family in whom they found a lot of learning and wisdom, which represented a very significant loss.

Although it was a sad day, the singer Belinda did not let her heartthrob’s birthday go unnoticed and organized a great celebration in honor of her 22 years.

It is worth mentioning that this celebration stood out not for having many guests, but for the beautiful decoration of the place, in addition to two huge cakes that the music pop star herself ordered to be made with some of the characters that for them would have an important meaning .

Through her Instagram stories, the “Amor a Primera Vista” interpreter shared part of the meeting to pamper her famous boyfriend, who was only surrounded by his family and girlfriend.

In one of the videos shared on one of the Instagram accounts, some of the moments of the celebration can be seen, an image where Christian Nodal is about to blow out the candle of one of the cakes, as well as a video in which he former coach of “La Voz México”, they sing the mañanitas to him.

During the video, Nodal appears making various gestures and jokes while a voice is heard saying, “Smile.”

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Among the various comments that accompanied the publication, some showed some concern to know if the singer’s family was already free of Covid-19, after this would be one of the reasons that prevented them from accompanying the couple during the arrival of the “Year New “when Nodal was with Belinda and her family.

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