He persuaded Ibaka to sign with the Clippers with a … SMS! (photo)


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Axilleas Mavrodontis

04/Dec/20 11:58

Axilleas Mavrodontis

Kauai Leonard and Serge Ibaka will be teammates again, as the Clippers made the experienced center their own, with the star of the team convincing him to become a resident of Los Angeles, with a simple message!

The Eurohoops Team /

One SMS was enough to convince him Ibaka to sign to Clippers for the next two years. But who was the sender?

But of course it’s about him Kauai Leonard! The star of Clippers has a very good relationship with his former teammate in Raptors and without saying much, he persuaded him to move to the city of angels, in order to claim another title together.

Come on how are you? Brother, will you come to the Clippers or not?“He wrote the message that Leonard sent to Serge, and apparently that was enough.

Kawhi Leonard — the greatest recruiter in NBA history 😂💀

“Are you coming [to LA] or no!” 😂

Posted by NBA Buzz on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

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