“He who does what he feels wins, even if he loses”

“He who does what he feels wins, even if he loses.” In this way, Blanca Romero has expressed herself through Instagram, a forceful message that arrives in the midst of the climate of tension with Rafael Amargo for Yerma, the play from which the actress has decided to leave.

Rafael Amargo, outraged, claims his innocence and announces demands

It was last Tuesday when it was learned that the interpreter will no longer be part of the cast, which caused the dancer to stop following her on Instagram. And, although neither of them has expressed their opinion on the matter, the clues they leave on social networks show their strained relationship.

The message that the actress from Physics or chemistry has launched this Thursday joins the one he shared after knowing his decision to leave the show. The artist rescued a phrase from the singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral: “Human society is bad both because of the misdeeds of the bad, and because of the complicit silence of the good “.

The choreographer was brief when commenting on Romero when he was asked, a few hours later, by reporters from Europe press. “Let’s leave it there”, sentenced.

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