Health : Coronavius ​​| The place that will give 540 euros to those who test positive for COVID

The fear of the consequences that contracting the coronavirus may have leads many people to not undergo the tests, either when they have symptoms or when their territory performs them en masse. For this reason, some governments are devising measures to encourage participation. This is the case of the authorities of Hong Kong that, in order to encourage the population to undergo the tests, they will give away around 540 euros to any citizen who tests positive.

“Considering that some people are concerned about their livelihood after testing and testing positive, the Government will provide a subsidy of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars to all those residents who test positive, “said the Ministry of Health in a statement.

While waiting for the Labor and Social Welfare Office to announce more details, Chan has also announced this measure in an interview with the RTHK chain, before confirming the preparations for the opening of five new test centers in the territory, which will be added to the four that are already operating.

Tests by population sectors

In addition to this initiative, Chan has certified the entry into force of an unprecedented measure so far: the imposing compulsory tests on different population groups, starting with attendees at any of the 14 dance clubs linked to the recent appearance of an outbreak of 32 cases.

Soon, the Government will announce more mandatory tests for high-risk groups, including taxi drivers and the residence workers, as well as for people with symptoms.

A fourth wave on the horizon

The city registered this Sunday 68 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours after adding 43 on Saturday, the highest figures reported in recent months: “The situation in Hong Kong is deteriorating rapidly. We are facing a possible fourth wave of infections, and if we do not act soon it will be out of control ”, has insisted Chan. In total, the city has recorded 5,560 coronavirus cases and 108 coronavirus deaths since the pandemic began.

Given the situation, the authorities have postponed this saturday and During two weeks the entry into force of the call “Travel bubble” between Hong Kong and Singapore that allowed, in principle, a movement with few difficulties between both places.