Health : Jets deny locker room cameras cause trouble


New York (USA), Nov 10 . .- New York Jets defender Greg Van Roten declared that for him and his teammates there is no problem with the existence of cameras in the locker room of the team.
This is in contrast to a report released over the weekend, which said there was secret surveillance of Jets players in their own locker room.
The New York Daily News report included quotes from unidentified current and former players who were very angry when they realized there were hidden cameras.
But Van Roten, representative of the team’s NFL Players Association, has made it clear that he and the players have no problem with the presence of the installed cameras.
“I spoke to the guys on the team, but nobody cares that there are cameras,” Van Roten told reporters.
He added that “We know why they are there. And we know that they are there to protect us if something happens, if something is lost. It is not that they are spying on us.”
“We all know there are cameras,” Van Roten said. “It’s no secret. The team is up front on it. There is a conversation between the NFLPA and the NFL Board of Directors about it. I think there are different perspectives on whether it is okay or not. The player issue is not there. related to privacy, “he said.
The concern, as Van Roten explained, stems from the possibility of the team or league using security footage to punish players for coronavirus protocols.
The easy answer is that if protocols are adhered to, as they should be in the locker room and elsewhere, there should be no problem.