Health : Mayoral reveals what COVID happened … still in the Levante

Borja Mayoral has revealed in a digital interview that he tested positive for COVID-19 last summer, when he was still active in the ranks of Levante. The Roma striker assured on the Instagram of ‘Sweet Warrior’, referring to diabetes, that he is now calm despite the positives in his team since he believes that he can not contract the disease again.

“We can’t leave Rome, so we take advantage of it and train. We have some positives in the team, but I’m not very worried because I’ve been through it in the past. I had some symptoms last summer and then I was able to finish the championship. Now I’m more calm because I have developed antibodies and I don’t think I can get it again, “said the striker.

Levante reported two positives in August, the first on the 13th and the second on the 20th, although the identity of either of them was not revealed until now.

Mayoral also spoke about his diabetes: “This problem has not prevented me from getting to where I am. I am proud, it has made me mature and grow a lot. I like to eat a lot, so every day they ask me about the things I can’t The truth is that I could eat everything, although I shouldn’t, because health comes first. But we all break the rule once a month. “