Health : The Medical Profession demands responsibility from the citizens and an effective action of the Ministry of Health






He General Council of Official Medical Associations (CGCOM), expressed its concern about the reactivation of COVID-19 in Spain in recent weeks. “We are in time to prevent the situation from getting out of control, and for this, Spanish society and its institutions must develop a clear strategy of persuasion, action, mobilization of resources, and vigilance and demand in compliance with regulations”, they indicate it’s a statement.

According to them, only then can «stop reckless behaviors, silent but pervasive relaxation of physical distance, protection and hygiene, outbreaks due to preventable working and housing conditions, and expansion attributable to slow case identification and contact tracing by the health authorities themselves “.

“Doctors and other professionals and health workers appreciate the applause and affection of the population; But Spanish society must know that disappointment and discouragement are rampant, and sometimes outrage at some irresponsible and possibly criminal behaviors that we observe around us, “they add.

Also, in the statement, the General Council ensures that they keep alive in memory the 61 professionals deceased victims of the pandemic, as well as the “thousands of infected and the hundreds who are still fighting the sequelae derived from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

The physical and emotional capacity of physicians is found in a situation of exhaustion. For this reason, they indicate that health workers «Despairs and grief» see the disputes and rivalries between political forces and institutions, when they should ‘be all rowing in the same direction«; and that the month of September generates a growing feeling of fear and desolation due to the progressive increase in serious cases that threatens to flood health centers, emergencies and hospitals.

But, as they indicate, there are other possible futures. Therefore, in a statement they argue in favor of a triple action: craise awareness of the population, mobilize institutions, and generate common governance for this process. It is possible and necessary to stop the reactivation of COVID-19 in Spain. A very worrying situation.

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